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We have excellent news for those who want to ditch their smart TV in favor of a larger screen that won’t break the bank, as XGIMI is currently shaving off up to $1,200 on some of its best projectors thanks to the latest Black Friday discounts. There are several options to choose from, but the best savings come with the XGIMI Aura 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector for Home Theater, which now sells for $1,599 after picking up a 36 percent discount at This is the same price you will have to pay if you choose to purchase yours directly from XGIMI’s official website, where you will find this outstanding projector selling for $2,799.

XGIMI Aura 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector PBI

XGIMI Aura 4K Laser Ultra-Short Throw

$1599 $2799 Save $1200

The XGIMI Aura 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector arrives with a bright and clear image with 2,400 ANSI Lumens, outstanding audio with 60W powered Harman Kardon Speakers, wireless casting capabilities, and more.

Here at Pocketnow, we’re happy to bring you the best tech deals we come across, so you can save as much money as possible on your favorite products and purchases without spending time looking for them. However, the deals we post are valid at the time of publishing our articles, and by the time you come across them, they might no longer be available, or products could be out of stock. Please keep that in mind as we remain committed to working with you in favor of your wallet!

The XGIMI Aura 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector for Home Theater arrives with a very bright 1,800 ISO Lumens screen that will be bright enough to use during daytime, support for HDR10, Harman Kardon speakers with 60W power, and more.

Another great alternative is the XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector, which now sells for $1,099 thanks to the latest savings. This is another excellent option for those interested in watching content during the day, as its 1,500 ISO Lumen image is quite bright. It also comes with integrated Harman Kardon speakers, and it has cool features like auto keystone, screen adaption, and more.

However, there’s a special spot in my heart for the XGIMI Halo+ 1080P Portable Projector, as this small but mighty projector has become one of my favorite projectors of all time. It is pretty powerful with a 700 ISO Lumens image that will let you watch content without that many issues if it’s a gloomy day. You can also get your hands on some black-out curtains, and you will be good to go. I have used this projector with my PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and yes, it’s that good. You can use it to watch your favorite shows, movies, and even games. Of course, the best part is that it’s now more affordable than ever, thanks to the latest Black Friday savings.

You can currently get your hands on one for just $650, but XGIMI is letting you get an extra $100 discount when you add promo code XGIMIPOCKET, which means you get to take this amazing piece of tech home for just 550. This deal will only be available until November 30th, so you might want to hurry. And if that’s not sweet enough, remember to add the XGIMI Desktop Stand Pro to your cart, as this code will also get you one for free with your purchase. Just remember to hurry before they sell out.


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