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When Apple first introduced Siri to the world, it looked as though it would thoroughly change the way we used and interacted with our phones. Things couldn’t be further from the truth as the actual live version of Siri did not live up to expectations. That could change later this year in the iOS 18 update.

In a post on Naver by tipster yeuxz1122, they are claiming that Apple is expected to give Siri a long-overdue overhaul where it will be given an AI boost. Apparently this revamped version of Siri is expected to be powered by Apple’s Ajax-based model and will introduce more personalization and natural conversations with the virtual assistant.

As it stands, Siri is kind of bad to use. Unlike Google Assistant, Alexa, and modern day AI chatbots and platforms, Siri isn’t quite as capable when it comes to generating answers and more often than not, simply does a search for users who will then have to comb through websites themselves.

If this update is really as groundbreaking as it is implied, hopefully Siri will become a lot better to use. Given how Google plans to integrate Bard into Assistant and with OpenAI’s ChatGPT having a standalone app and how Samsung plans to introduce massive AI features in the Galaxy S24, Apple definitely needs to play catchup or be left behind.

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