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WhatsApp has text formatting options that allow users to do things like bold, italicize, or create strikethrough text. This is useful if there are certain words you want to emphasize in a message. But if you feel that there should be more options, then you’re in luck.

A report from WABetaInfo has revealed that in the latest WhatsApp update, the company is introducing new text formatting options for users. In addition to what’s currently available, users will be able to add code blocks, quote blocks, and created bulleted or numbered lists.

Code blocks will be useful for programmers who might use WhatsApp to share their codes with colleagues or other developers. This creates a block of text that’s easier to read compared to a regular message. The rest of the text formatting tools should be pretty self-explanatory. Whether or not you end up using them is a different story, but at least you’ll have options.

These new text formatting options are currently only available in the latest WhatsApp beta. It is not mentioned when these new text formatting tools will be released to the general public. Users who are interested in checking out this feature early, can sign up to be part of the WhatsApp beta here.


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