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The Neuralink implant.


  • The first human has received a Neuralink implant, Elon Musk announced.
  • Musk also revealed the first Neuralink product, dubbed Telepathy.
  • This product will allow users to control devices with their mind.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink made waves in recent years after the company demonstrated its wireless brain implant technology on monkeys. Now, Musk has revealed that a human has received the implant.

Musk revealed on his X platform that the first human has received a Neuralink implant and is “recovering well.” The billionaire also shed light on the first Neuralink product.

The first product is called Telepathy, and Musk claims it will allow users to control a smartphone or computer via their brain. He adds that the first set of users will be people who have lost their limbs.

A brain implant that lets you control various devices could be a major boost for quadriplegics and other people with similar disabilities. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t hold your breath for this product just yet, though.

For starters, it’s possible that Neuralink doesn’t work as well as advertised given the early nature of the tech. Then there’s the possibility that Musk is over-promising. After all, he’s promised that Teslas will offer full self-driving technology “next year” since at least 2016. The development also comes months after reports that numerous monkeys died during Neuralink trials.


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