Sun. May 19th, 2024


Apple had a fantastic year in 2023. The company pretty much dominated the smartphone market. They also managed to steal the crown from Samsung who had been leading for the past decade or so. But it looks like it could be a short-lived victory as it appears that Apple could already be feeling the effects of Samsung’s adoption of AI.

Notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has published a post on Medium in which he has heard from his sources that Apple is lowering its 2024 iPhone shipments. The analyst claims that the iPhone 15 and upcoming iPhone 16 series will see a shipping decline of about 10-15% year-on-year respectively.

On the other hand, Samsung appears to be optimistic about its future and revised its Galaxy S24 shipments in 2024 by about 5-10%. We recently stated that Samsung’s adoption of AI could prove to be a serious threat to Apple, and Kuo’s report seems to suggest that the Cupertino company is already starting to see it.

Kuo also appears to be quite bearish about Apple’s AI efforts. He opines that Apple might not launch an iPhone with significant design changes or more comprehensive AI systems until 2025 at the earliest. If that turns out to be true, it could spell bad news for Apple as they would essentially be ceding more market share to its competitors.


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