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Today, we’re happy to announce some significant updates to the Devcon4 website, and with it we wanted to unveil a bit about the ticketing and discount processes and more!

Applications for scholarships and builder & student discounts are now open!

We hope that expediting this process for builders, students, and potential scholars prior to the release of general tickets will help fast-track approvals and ensure that Devcon grows more diverse, accessible and equitable, even with increased demand.

Then on July 9, 2018, the first wave* of general tickets will go on sale.

To ensure that tickets are not bulk-reserved, or scooped up by the quickest hands, we ask for your support in respecting a limit of one ticket per person and 20 tickets per organization.

To stay tuned for future Devcon4 updates: sign up for the Devcon4 mailing list on the site and follow our new @EFDevcon Twitter account!

We look forward to making this year’s Devcon the best yet!

–dc⟠ıv team

*What is a *wave*? To ensure that the majority of tickets are reserved for the builders we design Devcon for, we are selling small batches of General Admissions tickets in several intervals — which we are calling waves. The first wave will begin at 8am PDT on July 9, 2018. However, applications for scholarships and developer & student discounts will always be open, regardless of the waves.


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