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What you need to know

  • Google has announced plans to remove a variety of features from Android, and the latest one is Nearby Places.
  • Nearby Places in the Phone by Google app allows users to search the name of a business right in the app, bypassing Google Search or Maps. 
  • Google says the feature wasn’t used by many and that going forward, Google Search and Maps will be the way to find business numbers.

Google is known for killing off products, services, and features often, but recent months have been particularly tough for Android users. In January, the company announced that Google Assistant would lose 17 features. Now, the Phone by Google app is the latest casualty, with the Nearby Places feature set to be removed “in the coming months.”

The changes were announced by Google in the community forums for the Phone app, as spotted by 9to5Google. “We’ve found only a very small number of people use this feature, and the vast majority of users go to Google Search or Maps when seeking business-related phone numbers,” the post said. “Those experiences also provide richer results and contact info for those businesses.”


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