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There is always something new brewing on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Sometimes, apps are made free for a limited time only, which is why we publish this column twice a week to help you narrow down your selection. 

This is a very different story from our “Top 5 Apps of the Week” since all the apps listed here normally feature a price tag but the developers have made them available for free temporarily. We carefully looked through these apps to ensure they have minimal microtransactions and carry a minimum rating of 3.5 stars.

However, do take note that these are limited-time offers based on the whims and fancies of the respective app developers. Should you stumble upon an app that is listed but is no longer free, do inform us so we can edit the story accordingly. 

Here’s a tip: If you come across an app that you’d like to have but don’t need right now, download and install it first. It would be considered as “bought” and it will be available in your app library forever—even if you uninstall it from your smartphone right after.

Android apps that are free for a short time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Stitch Photos ($1.99): Do you want to piece together different photos? You can get this done with this app.
  • Tracker Detect ($7.99): Personal trackers are a thing these days. Use this app and hopefully, you can find out whether you are being stalked or not.
  • EVP Phone Spirit Box ($2.49): Say what you want about the supernatural, but can you really detect the presence of spirits?
  • Home Workouts No Equipment Pro ($1.49): Looking for that lean and mean body? Why not use this app and find out?

Android games

  • Word Connect Pro ($2.99): A word connect game that will continue to have you coming back for more with over 2,000 levels to enjoy!
  • Shadow Knight: Ninja Fighting ($0.99): A side-scrolling action game that sees you plow through wave after wave of opponents.
  • Summoners Era ($0.99): How much does luck play in this game? Some bit, apparently. See what type of team you get and how you can beat your opponents.
  • Coin Princess ($0.99): You’re no princess in distress, but you still need to escape from the dungeon in this retro side-scrolling RPG.
  • Space Shooter Galaxy Attack ($0.99): Alien ships threaten the very existence of the galaxy. It is time for you to strap up your boots and blast these enemies out of the sky!

iOS apps that are free for a short time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • AI Photo Generator ($5.99): Generate great-looking photos using this AI photo generator app.
  • Korean Sounds of Letter ($2.99): Want to learn how to pronounce Korean words? This app might come in handy…
  • Videdit ($0.99): The iPhone is a powerful video recording tool, so why not edit videos on it simultaneously?
  • BeeScan ($6.99): Scan documents using your phone’s camera and turn them into PDFs!
  • BreatheIn ($1.99): Need a breathing app to help calm your nerves during a hectic work day? This app might just do the trick.

Free games for iPhone and iPad

  • Shiny Ski Resort ($4.99): Do you have what it takes to manage a ski resort? Why not try your hand at this?
  • Superflow! ($0.29): The premise is very simple. Continue flowing and avoid all bars! Of course, it is more challenging than you might think.
  • Shock Clock Arcade ($1.99): Jump from one clock to another. It is only a matter of time before you jump off the edge of the screen…
  • Orbt XL ($0.99): The trick to this game lies in maintaining your orbit and avoiding being a victim of a black hole.
  • Traffic Brains 2 ($3.99): Learn how you can optimize traffic flow in a city in this game.

Did you come across an app that you like? Do you prefer games over productivity apps? Let us know in the comments!


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