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The much-anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset is undergoing real-world scrutiny, with durability tests raising questions about its scratch resistance. While YouTuber JerryRigEverything‘s video showcases extreme stress scenarios, his findings provide valuable insights for potential users.

Apple Vision Pro Durability Tested: Striking Balance Between Strength and Scratch Resistance

The test reveals the front glass to be surprisingly resilient against drops and impacts, surpassing the durability of most smartphones. This is a positive sign, considering the headset’s delicate nature and high price tag of $3,500. However, the glass exhibits a concerning vulnerability to scratches.

Unlike typical smartphone displays, the Vision Pro’s outer layer appears to incorporate a plastic coating. This material, while possibly contributing to impact resistance, significantly lowers scratch resistance. Even everyday items like keys or coins can leave permanent marks, as demonstrated by the test’s Mohs hardness scale results (scratches visible at level 2, deepening at level 3). Most smartphones offer much greater scratch resistance, typically reaching levels 6 or 7.

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This raises concerns about long-term usability, especially for active users. Apple includes a protective cover and polishing cloth, but accidental scratches remain a real possibility. Additionally, replacing the front glass incurs a substantial $800 fee.

While the video employs extreme and unlikely use cases, it highlights a potential weak spot in the Vision Pro’s design. Users should remain mindful of the headset’s scratch sensitivity and take appropriate precautions, such as utilizing the provided cover and avoiding contact with abrasive objects.

Apple may consider addressing this issue in future iterations by exploring alternative materials or coatings that offer a better balance between impact and scratch resistance. Ultimately, ensuring the longevity and everyday practicality of such a premium device is crucial for user satisfaction and brand reputation.

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